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Learn Digital Marketing The Right Way, and the First Time.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve studied a lot of different types of marketing.  Direct Response Copywriting was fascinating to me, because I have been in sales so much, and saw the benefits of learning it.

In sales, you can only be infront of or talking to one person at a time.

But what if there were another way?
What if you could leverage your presentation or talk, so that it could take your place and systematically leverage technology?

I first thought this idea up about 2010, probably before webinars became popular, back when sales funnels were very basic, and hard to build online.

Fast forward to today, and Systems that leverage marketing and sales have made  alot of people very successful in a short time.

Get rich quick?  Heck no,,,

But the strategies and systems available today will put you light years ahead if you understand how they work, and do them the right way the first time.

After I partnered with Digital Marketer as a Certified Partner, I wanted to develop a way to help people learn marketing, and also, speed up the process of learning and implementing.

NOBODY has time to sit around watching courses,, and not actually get some results.

The benefit of the academy, is that these are certification courses that Digital Marketer uses to certify and train their staff.

We use these courses as a way to focus on only what you need to in your business at one time.

We also can use it to train your very own marketing staff.  That’s right… They can get group memberships to the Innovative Marketing Academy.  It is so affordable, you can have them pay for it and earn a commission as an affiliate, or you can buy seats yourself and use it as a Tax deduction.


Imagine, instead of spending 50 or 100s of thousands of dollars per year on outside marketing agencies, and you keep that in house…  and pay about half, and get twice the results.

Imagine the impact that you will have when you have  systems for generating all the leads you want, and can afford to scale your business as big as you want.

Imagine having the support from an agency that is trained to build teams, overcome mental blocks and barriers and help you achieve anything that you can dream up?

We train our students in Customer Value Optimization, Funnel Mastery, Copywriting, Email Mastery, Customer Acquisition (Paid Ads), Content Marketing, and Social Media.

Courses soon to be added include, Search Marketing, Community Mastery, Ecommerce, Analytics and Data, testing and Optimization.

That is what we bring to the Table.  Welcome to the Innovative Marketing Academy .

Click here to start your free Trial, Backed with a 30 day guarantee and also weekly support and group training.


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