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10 Steps to Move Toward Your Dream Now

How to move  yourself toward your dream.

 I know that a lot of people don’t have dreams, and others have no idea how to reach them. So, if you fit into one of those groups, I think you’ll enjoy this.

I want to list out some big things to focus on to move you closer to achieving your dream.  Remember this.  All Great Leaders have a Big Dream, and Loyal Team of people that are as passionate about The Dream about the leaders was about the dream.

Hang Around People that Encourage You and Your Dream.

Move Yourself Towards Your Dream

This is easy for the extroverts out there.  If your an introvert like me, just get over yourself.  One thing I try and do is focus on getting in groups of people that are chasing the same dream.  It has never been as easy as it is today to find a meetup group or a FB group of people that will connect with and they will eventually cheer you on.  Just make sure you add value and try and help others and don’t do nice things for people to do them back.  Be genuinely interested in helping others, and sooner or later you will get the same in return.

Let Go of the Past, Fast!

Everyone has baggage in their history.  Don’t ever think that you are the only one that has gone thru troubles.  I’ve been around some of the most accomplished people in the world, and they all have stories and experiences that they would rather not talk about. True power lies within going thru difficult times and turning them into a positive.  The same is also said about forgiveness.  The sooner you learn to change your perspective about past events, and find the positive in everything, the sooner you will become more powerful and fearless about bigger and better things.

Never Ever Settle for Average

This is like an oxymoron to me,, but many people think it’s ok to be average.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the luxury of thinking it is ok to be average so, this may be a little hard for me to relate. So, I’ll go this direction.

Your Parents, Your kids, Your husband or Wife, Deserve the Best Version of you.  Don’t cut corners.  Don’t settle for average.  They deserve the best version of you. I have to quote that saying about God’s Gift to you, is Your Unused potential.  Your Gift to God is what YOU Do with that potential.

Like my Dad used to tell me.  Be the Best you can be at everything you do, Or Don’t Waste your time trying… This will move you Rapidly towards at least getting good at different things and you should find your passions, and your dream…



Take Small Steps and Build Your Confidence

When I got certified to be a John Maxwell Coach, he told us that Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Practice makes permanent.  I didn’t really understand what he meant by that back when I heard it.  The older and wiser I grew, I realized that he meant that there are a lot of people practicing things the wrong way, and that didn’t cause people to become perfect. I have done a lot of things in my life, and one thing I have learned is that it takes many small steps of doing things to build confidence.  If you don’t have confidence in the thing that you are doing, how can you be chasing your dream?  If you don’t have confidence, then take small steps, until you build up your confidence.



Spend Time Daily Visualizing Your Dream

It took me a long long time to really learn this principle in the business world, but I was doing this all thru childhood with sports.  It is amazing how when you visualize how you are going to do something it just seems like it becomes easier.  I know when I was younger doing construction work, I would usually think of the work I had to get done the next day.  I would even visualize how I would unload and load up my truck.  How I would set up my work stations.

If you stand on a construction site long enough, you will see patterns that the best crews work with, every day.

The hard part is this. You can’t visualize something if you have no idea what it is.  Do it the old fashion way… IF you don’t know your dream, brain storm on a piece of paper.  Just get that pen moving and write out things you would love to do if you knew you couldn’t fail .. Things that bring you joy.

I know Jack Canfield taught some great visualization exercises in his workshops.  I can’t tell you how much it helps to visualize what you have to do before you do it.  Sometimes you will figure the problems out in your head, before they happen, and things will move a lot more smoothly.  Take my word for it.. Try and and see the rewards it brings..

Don’t Get Caught Up On Things Outside of Your Control

This is a tricky one, so let me clarify.  Most of the things that you rely on daily, you really don’t have control over.  You count on your car working, the people that work for your, the weather, the market, and on and on.  There are a lot of things that you Count on, but you really don’t have a lot of control over.  It’s not that you shouldn’t Worry about things.  Sometimes worrying is just natural, but you have to stop it in its tracks…

It’s how you accept responsibility when things don’t go your way.  Just remember this.

One of the fastest ways to see people go crazy is to watch them try and control something they have no control over.  They go nuts!  Some times you have to do the best you can, and when bad things happen, Focus on the things you can control, starting with your Response.

Stay Active Doing Things That Keep You Passionate About Your Dreams

The universe rewards action.  So stay busy. Don’t accept any excuses from anyone and Definitely not from yourself. One of the best things or habits you can get into is writing your dream down on a piece of paper every morning and every night. This is a simple activity and this will give you the feeling inside of achieving your dreams, and you can visualize them as you write them out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I said this to make you realize, ANYONE can do this part.  IF you want your dream bad enough, if you can’t get to a meeting or write a blog or can’t make big time progress,, at least write your dream out every day on paper and visualize.  To many books and legends believe in this, and if you are one of those people that thinks visualizing and meditations don’t work, what’s the point of dreaming then??? I promise you, when you are doing this little exercise, you will magically get ideas that you can put into action to propel your dream forward.  If you haven’t read think and grow rich, This will change your mind on this principle.

The main thing is staying active, and keep that passion alive!  This is the easiest and most important step of moving your toward your dream.

Be Willing and Able to Pay The Price

Don’t be Naive when it comes to your dream.  Plan it out and know the costs.  Remember this, Things always will take longer and cost more than you think.  That is just life.  We always underestimate when it comes to costs and time, so be reasonable with your self.  The main thing is make progress every day.  Always be taking steps or even crawling forward.  Slow and steady wins the race. The important take away is to just know that you are willing and able to pay the price.  The price to achieve greatness will always be different for different people. Also know this.  The further up you go, The greater the cost.  The more you will have to sacrifice.  I didn’t realize this when I was younger.  I sacrificed a lot in my younger years.  My Freedom, My Time, My Family.

Know The Costs and Be Willing and Able to Pay it, Or Suffer the Consequences. Either Way.

Make Sure Your Dream Will Benefit Others

This goes without saying, if your dream is a selfish dream, then you will have an uphill battle.  There are plenty of people that fall into this trap, and they achieve their dreams, only to find out it was a Pyrrhic victory.

They lose they family, friends, Homes, Businesses or other things that are important to them.  Don’t fall into this trap, make sure that others will benefit from your dream, and you will have a team of loyal friends and family helping you on the journey and you will have energy and purpose in achieving your dream.

In the end, it’s all for nothing if you can’t celebrate your victory with your Tribe.

Always keep moving toward your dream.

It takes discipline  and focus to always be working towards your dream.  Just remember these easy steps mentioned about moving toward your dream.

You don’t have to do all of them to make progress….

If you want to learn more about How to put your dreams to the test. Reach out and boook a free Strategy Call.

I teach a course written by John Maxwell on how to put your dreams to the test, and I would love to help put you in the best position possible, so that you can chase and Catch your dreams…

Until the next time, Dream Big, and keep Chasing the Dream……  If you’re living the Dream, Your Dream isn’t big enough…   If you want to put your dream to the test or find out ways to better position yourself to acheive your dreams, Sign up for Free Strategy Call.

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